HPT #ARTICLE42 DCDrift Promo Code

  • July 2022

Yes yes it is true, our sponsored Diogo Correia already has a promotional code to offer his fans!!

It will give 10% discount on your invoice here in the online store and at our counter when purchasing performance turbos or upgrading your turbo.

To find out what the code is, just follow Diogo's social networks, keep an eye out for Instagram posts and stories, it's easy!!

Follow Diogo on »» Facebook Diogo Correia  »» Instagram @diogocorreia_piloto  »» Youtube Diogo Correia 



Promotional code - Terms and conditions of use

This promotion code cannot be converted into cash and does not entitle you to cash refunds or any other means of payment, only valid for discounting on the following products: New turbos upgrades and upgrades on the customer's turbo. This promotional code represents a 10% discount on the final invoice value for the single purchase of one of the above products, it can only be used at HPTurbo Unip Lda at Rua Álvaro Ferreira Alves nº19, Zona Ind. Sta Marta do Pinhal, 2855-591 Corroios. The use of this code is limited to a minimum value of €250.00 (Two hundred and fifty euros), for use in the Online Store - www.hpturbo.pt/loja/ and counter. Limited to existing stock. Not valid with promotions, campaigns, coupons and cards in force. Prices valid unless typographical error.

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