HPT #ARTICLE21 CarOnline Tv | Projecto Ingrid - Volvo 850

  • July 2022

Have you seen the last video of Car Online Tv with GP85 ? Have you met Ingrid?

Well, guys, we were challenged here to a very interesting and dynamic project, and we accepted the challenge and we are going to collaborate in a partnership with Hugo from CarOnline Tv and w / Tiago from GP85.

For those who follow the channel, this project needs no introduction, but for those who know about us, here we present this new adventure of CarOnline Tv, a personal project.

Hugo's idea is to recreate the iconic Volvo 850 from BTCC, the van that shocked the motorized world when it first came as a surprise on the Thruxton circuit in 1994, and who knows, maybe also shock our Estoril circuit now!

This project will have several phases so that it is possible to explore the full potential of the van and will involve several partners from the different auto sectors to effectively make it a reliable reference of the real one.

Watch the latest video on Link »» CarOnlineTV - Quantos CAVALOS Tinha AFINAL a INGRID?

Guess how many horses #ingrid had?

What are you waiting for ...?

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