Repair / Reman of turbos

What is rebuilt turbo?

The turbo is one of the parts that when it breaks down a vehicle, requires a high cost of repair or replacement, due to the complexity of the components of which it is made, its tuning and installation.

A rebuilt turbo is a cheaper solution, because it takes advantage of damaged turbo components that are still in good condition. Most reconstructions require the replacement of the interior of the turbo, the cartridge, and a rectification and fine-tuning of the factory values ​​in accordance with the ISO 9002: 1994 standard.

The reconstruction of all internal friction elements of a turbo requires complex quality control that is only possible with certified measuring and testing machines. The reconstructions are carried out in a mechanical test environment or on test benches and compared with the manufacturer's values ​​for the engine in which the turbo is applied.

If you want to purchase a rebuilt turbo, take into account the following elements that identify your original or installed turbo:

Vehicle make
Engine number
Turbo reference

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Turbo broken? 24h repair!

All of our equipment is of the latest and most advanced technology for repairing turbos. This advantage allows us to repair any turbo in just 24 hours, efficiently and respecting all the manufacturer's standards.

HPturbo is a dynamic company that performs highly specialized work in the field of repairing turbos and related components. We have been in the market since 2000, with proven experience in the preparation, maintenance and repair of turbos.

All of our diagnostic, repair and tuning equipment are top of the range from the best manufacturers in the world. Turbocharger replacement and repair parts are of high quality and durability to meet customer needs and the performance of your engines. We assist any vehicle, both light and heavy, diesel or gasoline.

The trust of our customers is not only deposited in the repair service of the damaged turbo, but also after-sales service. Our work philosophy is based on the individuality and specificity of each case, each component, each engine.

We are an expanding company, having a vast portfolio of satisfied customers as our services both in the national and international markets.

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Of all the available equipment, we highlight:

Turbo balance machines

Oil passing test machines

Geometry tuning machines

Electric actuator testing machines

Lathes CNC, milling cutters and more


Repair of damaged turbos

If you have a damaged turbo you can count on our repair solution with quality guarantee. All repaired turbos are tested at all levels before being reassembled in your vehicle. We have several repair solutions, consult us to find out which one best suits your needs.

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Maintenance / Overhaul

Periodic turbo overhaul to ensure the best possible performance.

To ensure a longer service life for your car's turbo, you should periodically review its condition. With the greatest ease and without spending a lot of time, schedule a revision of your turbo to avoid unnecessary damage.

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