Electronic optimisation and Dyno measurements

At HPTurbo facilities you can reprogram and measure your vehicle!

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To improve and complement our workshop services, HPTurbo has invested in a very recent and complete ROTRONICS dyno that allows us to measure vehicles from 2 to 4 wheels, with front- wheel drive, rear and four-wheel drive, synchronized, and with extra brake, putting us in front of other competitors by providing a tool that can measure up to 1800HP and maximum speed of 400KM/H!


But after all, what exactly is a DYNO?

A dyno, is a specialized equipment to measure the strength, torque or power of a vehicle. It is designed to create a load to double the requirements of various speeds (RPM) and torque (Nm or lb-ft). From this data, the power (HP or kW) can be calculated. This, in turn, provides an image of engine performance that can be compared with the factory specifications of the vehicle model, showing its gains or losses.

What vehicles are possible to measure?

In our dyno we can measure any regular car, motorcycle and quad bikes, SUV's, crossovers and Offroads. All vehicles will be subject to prior analysis at the aesthetic and mechanical level, some questions will be asked to drivers to make sure that the vehicle is fit for this service.



How to make an appointment?

How to mark a measurement? We advise that all appointments be made by phone, whatsapp or email. We advise against going to our facilities without prior appointment, as all services are subject to schedule availability. To dial just call +351 911 127 111, the same number if you prefer to send message by whatsapp, or send mail to [email protected]