HPT #ARTICLE7 STAGE 2 Turbo IS38 for VW Golf VII R 2.0 295HP

  • March 2020

About… Turbo IS38 for VW Golf VII R 2.0 295HP

STAGE 2 , upgrade to do 480hp

Turbo IS38 prepared by us for application in Volkswagen Golf MK7 2.0 R, with Electronics USS PERFORMANCE & C2Motorsports Swiss

Specs provided by the customer:

Exhaust snake line

Airtec intercooler

Rs3 injectors

Iridium NGK candles

FORGE recirculating valve

Original box KN filter

Silicone air inlet pipe RACING LINE

AUTOTECK high pressure gas pump

Petrol 98




483hp & 577nm 📈





CONSULT PRODUCT  UPGRADE Audi S3 e TTS TFSI (8V) & Leon TSI Cupra 265 / 280 & VW Golf VII R 2.0 295HP


Publicado por USS Performances & C2Motorsports Swiss em Quinta-feira, 16 de maio de 2019

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