HPT #ARTICLE40 ⚠️ Decarbonization of engines

  • July 2022

🔧 Repair Renault Clio II 1.5 dCi(48) (K9K-700)

⚠️ This is the result of a lack of preventive maintenance, or poor maintenance, with accumulation of residues that end up blocking the passage of air into the engine.

A decarbonization every 50000Km prevents these situations by prolonging the engine's life, more moderate consumption and making the car's engine more available.

For appointments:

📧 geral.oficina@hpturbo.pt

☎️ +351 911 127 111

See our about page for more information »» https://www.hpturbo.pt/servicos/descarbonizacao-de-motores

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