HPT #ARTICLE31 Upgrade 595 COMPETIZIONE Abarth 1.4 Original 180HP T-Jet 📈 Power 256.6 HP Torque 350 NM

  • July 2022

🔺 Upgrade 595 COMPETIZIONE Abarth 1.4 T-Jet from original 180HP

📈 Power 256.6 HP Binary 350 NM

Today we bring you the results of another HPTurbo project - Turbo upgrade + Mechanical upgrade

In order to test different, more city-specific solutions that maintain their original reliability and are fun to drive, we purchased a 180HP Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione.

An integral development project HPTurbo that counted on the collaboration of our partner in reprogramming, TechDynamics.

That said, as soon as the car landed on our premises, we measured the original power in our dyno (see bank sheet) and immediately started implementing several physical upgrades until it was possible to reach the expressive 256.6 HP and 350.0 NM.

It was possible to make more power with these slight mechanical changes (267hp - see bank sheet), but we believe that the 256hp will be the safest from the point of view of the reliability that we wanted to maintain.

🔺 Upgrade 595 COMPETIZIONE Abarth 1.4 T-Jet

Turbo MGT1446SZ »» Stage 4 Hpturbo with ceramic ball bearing
📈 Power 256.6 HP Binary 350 NM

Technical specifications:

+ Turbo Stage 4 HPTurbo w / ceramic ball bearing
+ Intercooler Wagner
+ Downpipe
+ Injection
+ Forge Admission w / Intake Housing
+ Electronics Stage 3 TechDynamics

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