HPT #ARTICLE16 STAGE 3 Turbo IS38 for AUDI S3 2.0TSI

  • March 2020

About… Turbo IS38 for AUDI S3 2.0TSI

STAGE 3 , Upgraded to do more than 500CV

Turbo IS38 upgraded by us for application in AUDI S3 2.0TSI, with Electronics  NK Performance & C2 Motorsports Reims

Specs provided by the customer:

Turbo HPT500R

AIRTEC Motorsport Exchange

Forge Motorsport flush valve

Downpipe Cobra Sport

HP Autotech Pump

BP Pump Walbro450 CTS Turbo

Sensor MAP 4b

Performance RacingLine Admission

Engine management and C2 custom s-tronic housing


Consult product link » UPGRADE Audi S3 e TTS TFSI (8V) & Leon TSI Cupra 265 / 280 & VW Golf VII R 2.0 295HP



516cv & 579nm 📈


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