HPT #ARTICLE1 Ceramic Ball Bearings

  • March 2020

The ceramic technology that provides the best current solution for efficiency, reliability and durability on the market.

The introduction of ceramic-based support elements using silicon nitride instead of steel has provided a number of advantages over normal bearings and ordinary steel chains.


The efficiency of this system boils down to its ability to generate less friction in the normal operation of the turbine, allowing it to be faster and freer in its rotating movement, generating less turbo lag.

The advantages of ceramic bearings are considerable. Ceramic bearing balls can weigh up to 40% less than steel balls, which can reduce centrifugal loading and slippage. As a result, ceramic bearings have less inertia and therefore, in turbo applications they can increase the response rate compared to steel bearings. Ceramics also need much less lubrication than steel, further reducing oil supply requirements compared to normal systems. Regarding thermal characteristics, ceramic balls experience minimal expansion even at very high temperatures.




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